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Marketing today is driven by data. The more effectively you use your data the better your response will be. Agile provides a number of data and analytic services that will maximize the value of your in-house customer and sales data while leveraging the power of the Agile Database.

Database Services

mergeMerge/Purge & De-duplication
Save time and money by eliminating duplicates in your CRM. Sales reps will stop spending their hours determining which record is the most accurate and you’ll avoid excess printing and postage costs.


List CleaningList Cleaning & File Hygiene
Put an end to wrong phone numbers, incorrect contacts and returned mail by having Agile standardize your customer file to meet postal regulations, identify closed and changed schools, and update personnel.


Data AppendData Append
Is your customer file missing phone numbers, email addresses or complete personnel? Agile can match your file to ours and add what’s missing.


Data EnrichmentData Enhancement
The more you know about your customers, the more effective your sales and marketing campaigns will be. Agile can add valuable demographic data, like district size, Title I percentage, and more, to your CRM.


Custom Analytics

Your sales data and customer file are like a crystal ball that can predict how your next campaign will perform. Agile’s Custom Analytics will uncover your best performing segments, identify new opportunities, and other hidden secrets in your data that will help you more effectively target your next sales and marketing campaigns.

Agile’s Custom Analytics toolkit includes:

  • Response analysis
  • Crosstab profiles
  • Customer name analysis and profiling
  • Job code analysis

Contact your Agile Account Executive for more information and a custom quote on any our database and analytic services.

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