Accelerate Learning’s Growth is Fueled by Agile Data, Support & Resources

Accelerate Learning

“Agile’s data integrity is superior and they help us use it in innovative ways. Agile is just more flexible and cost-effective than the larger, older data providers.”

With three core curriculum science programs, a robust professional development portfolio and a thriving community of educators to engage with, the Accelerate Learning sales and marketing teams have their hands full. While more than 4 million students have benefited from STEMscopes™ since 2012, there are still many educators Accelerate Learning wants to reach in order to achieve their goal of being the most widely used digital STEM resource for PreK-12. That’s why Accelerate Learning relies on the data, and sales and marketing tools provided by Agile Education Marketing to identify their best prospects and effectively and efficiently communicate with them.

Whether it’s offering educators a trial of STEMscopes™, inviting them to a lunch and learn or sharing a case study, the Accelerate Learning marketing team carefully targets their outbound communications to educators by leveraging the rich demographic data available from Agile. They’re able to quickly generate and export targeted email lists using Agile’s online platform, Data Explorer, refining their list criteria by state, job title and even funding information. Vice President of Marketing Javier Encinas shared,

“We see above average benchmark open and click rates for the email campaigns that are powered by Agile data.”

Sales Gets as Much (or Even More) Value from Agile Data as Marketing

These email campaigns feed the sales team’s pipeline with leads for follow-up. “The warm leads that marketing generates using Agile data really help,” said Kent Donges, Vice President of Sales. When an Accelerate Learning salesperson prepares to follow-up with a lead or make a cold call, they simply turn to Salesforce® to gain insight into the district and school they’re calling into. The education data Accelerate Learning leases from Agile is automatically fed into their Salesforce® account by ConnectLink, Agile’s Salesforce data integration app. So, not only can a rep find the contact information for the science curriculum director they want to reach but they’re able to see what the district’s Title I funding is, how many schools there are in the district, and how many students are served. According to Mr. Donges, “The Agile data in Salesforce® is very accurate. It’s clear that it’s updated on a regular basis. The sales team trusts the data they’re seeing and that was not the case with the data from our previous provider.”

When the sales team is on the road they rely on Data Explorer to give them quick background information on the schools they’re visiting. “The reps love Data Explorer,” said Mr. Donges. “It gives them the real-time information they need before they walk in and shake the hand of a prospect.”

Agility Matters When You’re a Growing Company

Accelerate Learning has been working with Agile since 2014 to support their sales and marketing initiatives. In that time, Accelerate Learning has grown from a small business to a mid-sized organization and “Agile has met our needs all along the way to help us achieve that growth,” Mr. Encinas explained. “Their data integrity is superior and they help us use it in innovative ways. Agile is just more flexible and cost-effective than the larger, older data providers. They work with our systems and processes rather than trying to make us fit into their mold.”

More Than Data: Valuable Insight and Support

The sales and marketing teams have also greatly benefited from Agile’s personalized customer support. Agile Director of Strategic Accounts Toni Elsberry and Senior Account Manager Suzanne Morgan are always available to answer questions, proactively provide advice about targeted marketing tactics, and offer solutions to help Accelerate Learning continue to grow. Mr. Encinas concluded by saying “Agile understands our needs as a growth business and are a true partner in our success.”

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