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Creating an effective email campaign is very different from developing direct mail or even your web site. You've got to think about content, call to action, coding, devices, and SPAM filters. Plus, you've got to capture educators' attention and get them to act in just 3-5 seconds (15 seconds on average if viewing on a mobile device). That's a lot to consider and do! That's why Agile Education Marketing is here to help you put together email messages that get delivered through SPAM filters, get opened by educators, and then acted upon.

Agile and our partner, Underscore Creative, work hard to keep on top of the latest trends in email marketing, track what’s working specifically in education, and stay current on the latest SPAM triggers and programming standards. We can assist with:

  • Copywriting, following email best practices for readability and low SPAM scores
  • Design, following email best practices for what catches eductors' eyes and what will render beautifully across email programs and platforms
  • Responsive HTML programming that uses minimal SPAM triggers and displays well on screens of all sizes
  • Deliverability and SPAM testing
  • Campaign consulting, including on timing, targets, call to action, landing pages, and follow-up

We're always happy to look at your email creative and provide feedback and recommendations. Contact your Agile Executive to schedule a consultation or to discuss your email creative needs.

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