Teachers, we celebrate you!

Meredith Biesinger, Guest Contributor

Almost every teacher will tell you that they didn’t choose their profession for the spotlight. For many educators, their greatest successes are words of encouragement, and moments of connection and progress that happen with their students, in their classroom, every day. Teachers play such an active role in the lives of students, their efforts should certainly be celebrated.

At the end of each school year, local schools across the nation celebrate some sort of “Teacher Appreciation Day.” This is a time where teachers are celebrated by their schools, students, colleagues, and communities. However, successful school leaders celebrate their teachers all year long. These celebrations vary from public and private praise – to food, school swag, and even team-building events. Celebrating teachers resonates with school leaders; not only because they recognize and appreciate their time and efforts, but also, to retain their teachers.

That’s right, celebrating teachers impacts teacher retention. The word retention packs quite a bit of punch in the K-12, and higher education world. School leaders want to retain their teachers, so they can retain their students and maintain consistency throughout the school year. Consistency inevitably leads to progress, and teacher retention plays a key role in this process.

As vendors and various education organizations prepare to reach out to school districts during a unique summer break; a time when educators are preparing for an uncertain school year, remember to celebrate them! Why?

1.      Teachers will feel valued and appreciated.

2.      Overall staff culture will feel more successful and positive.

3.      Individual and staff confidence will increase.

4.      Relationships will be strengthened.

5.      Risk-taking and a growth mindset will be encouraged.

6.      Teachers will feel this is a place where they can achieve success.

7.      Focusing on success breeds more success…for all parties involved!

The role of a teacher is one of the most impactful jobs out there and finding and retaining great teachers is central to the success of the school, district, and most importantly, the students. Great leaders like to consistently celebrate their teachers for retention, success, and morale, within their school. Organizations seeking to solidify relationships with school leaders, also need to celebrate their teachers so they too can promote retention, success, and morale within their business with the schools and school leaders they are working with.

grateful for teachers

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