Student Discipline in the Virtual Classroom

Student Discipline in the Virtual Classroom

By. Meredith Biesinger


Classroom management and student discipline can be one of the most complex parts of teaching. Throw in a pandemic and virtual learning, and it seems nearly impossible!

The truth is, classroom management has always been a top professional need for teachers, and now it is more than ever.
Over the last eighteen months, we’ve seen a tremendous shift to virtual education that was forced due to the pandemic. However, virtual education was a growing field before Covid-19, and it’s certainly not going anywhere.
Virtual learning has brought its fair share of challenges, but with those challenges, there is also ample opportunity for companies to see new needs and meet them with Ed Tech products for teachers and their students.
No matter what classroom setting you’re in, norms and routines should still be established early and used consistently throughout the year. Additionally, instruction should be still be differentiated. Some benefits come with online classroom management strategies. Such as, teachers have found opportunities to try new technologies and more regularly connect with families.
Ed Tech companies have the opportunity to help schools build a thriving virtual classroom and provide the tools necessary for online classroom management.


Products such as HMH Anywhere offer a way to align all school subjects under one platform. Technology can simplify the login process and management for all parties involved: administrators, teachers, parents, and students.

Visual Cues

Visual cues help engage students in their online learning and can also be utilized for classroom discipline. Provide a way for educators to send individual visual alerts to a student to ask them to stop talking, or whatever the discipline issue might be.

Student Engagement

Engagement is key. The more engaged a student is, the less likely they are to misbehave. That doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen; however, engagement is certainly helpful! Teachers utilize their virtual teaching time with their students to go through practice problems or have
discussions. Rote instruction or lectures can be recorded and sent to students to listen to or watch later on their own.
Another positive that comes from virtual learning is that it can happen anywhere! It can be as simple as having everyone set their webcam backgrounds to places in different countries and pretend to have class there.

The options are endless! A class could even be held in Minecraft and have students collaborate on anything from coding to geography! There are countless opportunities to engage students through 3D virtual worlds too!


Provide a way for teachers to give behavior feedback to parents after each virtual learning session. Teachers and parents are more of a team than they’ve ever been, as they are both facilitating a virtual learning classroom. When all parties are informed, they are more likely to be on board to correct any misbehavior that might have happened online.
Student discipline has always been a tricky topic to navigate. No student is the same. By providing teachers a set of various tools to utilize in the online classroom, you will be providing an effective and safe learning environment for all those in attendance.


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