Preparing for Fall

Teresa Marchant

Yes, it’s summer, but I’m already thinking about next school year. Last year was crazy, but I am hopeful next year will be somewhat expected. Stakeholders can help educators be ready for back to school by lessening our loads. Resources that include the following will ensure seamless and effective implementation.

  •  Professional development opportunities to learn more about implementation.
  • Videos or short tutorials that explain your products and services.
  •  Templates (letters and lesson plans) that are compatible with Google Products.
  • Quick resource guides that are easy to understand.

We have learned a lot this past year, some of which we should consider when planning the next school year.



Providing various platforms for your resources or versatile products that can be used in small and whole groups is essential and will be more cost-effective. Even though we are returning to more traditional ways, we will still need to provide in-person and digital models. Many students and staff enjoyed the flexibility of these types of materials.

Diverse Needs

Consider having resources to meet the diverse needs of our students, including those that encourage and increase vocabulary usage. Many of our students have been isolated and lack social interaction. School districts returned to in-person learning late in the school year or not at all. Some students haven’t interacted with other people outside their homes for over a year! Having resources to support social-emotional learning would be a great addition.

Customer ServiceUntitled-Project-45

We have learned that customer support is vital. With so many users wanting instant help, knowing we have support for products and services we use every day is comforting. This takes a considerable load off the shoulders of teachers and districts.


Resources and ideas that encourage relationships are necessary! Collaboration can occur in virtual and traditional ways but allows learning from each other. These types of products are changing how we educate our students. Education is no longer a “sit and get” model. Stakeholders like you are helping us to transform education.

We will continue to learn from previous years’ successes and failures. For some, the next school year will bring a whole new set of challenges. But, as we work together, we will have the confidence to meet these challenges and lift education to a higher level!

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