From the Principal’s Office: The Power of Data Driven Engagement

By. Meredith Biesinger

Data is used daily in many professions to determine engagement and more, and this is certainly true in education. After speaking with several elementary school administrators, and having been an administrator, it is a fact that data drives much of a school’s short term and long term goals.

Technology is the most underutilized tool in the K-12 setting. In a world that thrives on technology and its multiple uses, this may seem like an unlikely statement however the truth is that many schools aren’t utilizing these tools and programs to their fullest capacity. In depth and hands on training, as well as tip sheets are most helpful for educators, so that they are aware of all that can be done for their students with the technology and tools that are already available to them.

A principal collects data to improve student outcomes. This data driven reporting is through several portals throughout the school year, and the only way to effectively and efficiently manage this information is to do the following:

  • Track: You cannot manage what you are not tracking. Since everything is tracked and aligned, it can be managed.
  • Communicate goals and expectations: Clearly communicating the goals and objectives of the technology increases the fidelity of implementation.
  • Evaluate ROI: ROI evaluation uncovers what worked and what did not. This level of transparency is the only way to improve student outcomes. ROI analysis is critical to building educator buy-in from the ground up.

These steps are not only beneficial for student learning outcomes, they are also quite telling about the success of the learning tools and products that are being used for student learning and development. School principals will use this data to determine the continuation of a learning product, or the need to find a new product or learning tool that is a better fit for their student population. Of course, often times, cultural and financial variances play a role in the success of a client label or product in one school, versus the lack of success in another school district. Again, data is an incredibly helpful  tool for the principal, as they can, and do, research various products, and tools before making any final decisions.

Data driven engagement and purchases are the new norm in K-12 education, and across the board. How many of us research a product and read reviews before we finalize our purchase? This is more common than not, especially when purchasing a larger or more expensive product. Add the responsibility of hundreds or thousands of young student minds, and their teachers….and it’s safe to say that yes, data is crucial, and appreciated!

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