Dear Village of Virtual Vendors…Thank You!

By. Meredith Biesinger

When working with students, there’s a common saying that is familiar to all of us: “It takes a village.” However, it also takes a village of vendors to help educators with virtual learning. I am a better virtual educator because of many vendors!


There are many education companies in the marketplace right now, with a variety of excellent products to offer. The vendors that have helped educators thrive during these unprecedented times of pandemic meets virtual learning, are the vendors that first and foremost, communicate.

Communication is key. We appreciate vendors who reach out to educators first. Teachers have been busy changing curriculum from a traditional platform to a virtual platform, while helping students and their families navigate a new way of learning. While they have been re-inventing the wheel of what a 180 day school year looks like, they’re not left with much time to go searching for the perfect digital learning platform, or supplemental learning curriculum. Reaching out to schools and their teachers, and offering a clear, direct, description of products and services, is an effective way to build relationships, client bases, and help teachers and students.

Maintaining the relationship that has been initiated through follow up communication and support is so helpful! Phone calls, emails, even a text message is an effective way to reach out to educators at this time. Many of us are working from home, or have adjusted hours at our school(s). Vendors who have taken the time to check on their clients and ensure that their questions are answered, are so valued. I am loyal to the vendors who have checked on me throughout this time of virtual learning, and have been responsive to any questions or concerns that I might have had. This type of client-customer support will not be forgotten and it will provide countless opportunities for vendors to solidify solid and continual contracts with schools beyond the necessary virtual learning that is taking place this year.

There is power in being kind. What do I mean by this? We all know that teachers need to teach, and companies need to complete their sales; we both have goals and expectations that need to be reached. However, especially during a time of so much uncertainty, I appreciate my vendors who are kind and considerate and understand the task that has been placed in-front of so many educators this year. My village of vendors are kind and considerate. My village of vendors maintain a positive relationship with me by communicating often. Additionally, they are knowledgeable about their product and how and why I am using it for my students. I will not forget their professionalism or care when it comes time to teach from a traditional platform again. My village of vendors have made me a better virtual educator, and I am so thankful for them!

Wondering how you can have the best communication with educators? Reach out to your Agile team.

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