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Back To School, How Brands Can Help


Providing the right product at the right time is critical. Preparations need to be made in advance. Now’s the time, and here’s why: The peak season for back-to-school shopping is early July to early August.


Back to school written on a small blackboard.
Back to School

The back-to-school shopping season is tremendous because it involves everyone from kindergarten to college. It’s also the second-largest shopping season behind Black Friday and Christmas.

After two years of uncertainty and hybrid learning, parents, caregivers, kids, and teachers will be looking for products to make this new school year special.

This time of year is also an excellent opportunity to turn a profit and build a loyal customer base. According to the National Retail Federation’s survey history, back-to-school spending is at an all-time high. This year, it is expected to reach a record $37.1 billion. The inherent expense and current inflation are a concern for both teachers and parents alike.

What does this mean for you? Start preparing back-to-school products, campaigns, and other incentives today.

  1. Meet consumers’ needs

Going into the new school year looks different for everyone. Although most students have gone back to full-time, in-person learning, some still face a hybrid remote/in-person education system.

Keep this in mind when creating your products and marketing them. Show how your products can benefit students and meet their specific needs. Personalize a range of products, like backpacks (for going to class) and mouse pads (for at-home learning).

  1. Adding the right products

Of course, your staple products are essential: pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, backpacks, water bottles, and e-learning tools. Send a survey to current customers to see their needs or what they would like to be offered. Educators are going back to school, too, so spark their interest with supplies for their classroom, or even a tote bag, laptop sleeve, matching staff shirts, or graphic teacher t-shirt.

  1. Back to School Promotions

Offer promotions for schools, individual teachers, and parents too. Here are a few ideas: Free shipping, bundle deals, flash sales, polls, contests, giveaways, promo codes, % or $ discounts, photo competitions, quizzes or trivia contests, week-long sales events, loyal customer discounts, and loyal customer pre-sales.

  1. Social Media

Returning to the classroom for students.
Returning to the classroom

Consider utilizing social media to help build your brand and increase engagement.

*Write a caption contest

  • Tag a friend 
  • Trivia
  • Gift giveaway 

Don’t forget to create meaningful content for your online base as well. 48% of back-to-school shopping is done online. Teachers and their student’s parents are looking for a company they can trust that understands their individual roles.

  1. Be present.

Each school year is a new adventure for everyone. Teachers combat similar challenges each year but are also faced with unexpected challenges. Be readily available to help your customers, answer their questions, try to accommodate their needs as best you can, and work together. Being present will make all the difference.

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