Back to School, Are You Ready?

Meredith Biesinger

School is out for summer,

Yet it will be the 2021-2022 school year in the blink of an eye! Even during the summer, teachers are always in preparation mode, so now is an ideal time to reach out to educators and ask how you can help them while offering your services and products.

Many schools hold summer school in June and then take July off before returning in August. Utilize this time while teachers and administrators are possibly still in the building.

Untitled-Project-32ALL educators have just completed a challenging school year. Some veteran teachers who have taught for twenty-plus years agreed that the 2020-2021 school year had been the most difficult year of their professional teaching career. So before you do anything, please ask how they are doing—it will mean more than you realize.

Next, begin to talk about strategy. What does their school’s blueprint look like for the next school year? Will they be back in the classroom, resuming regular activities? Are there still COVID precautions in place? Are they still utilizing a hybrid model? Or will they still be going to school virtually? Then, build upon this blueprint by finding where your products or services fit best in this new school year.

Simplicity is always better,

Especially for teachers with classrooms full of students, often at various academic levels. Keeping your business plan, or contract straightforward, will relieve stress and increase the educator’s confidence in you and your product.

Streamline your services or products. This means that if you offer a curriculum subscription or an ed-tech tool, be sure that it is comprehensive and efficient. Can a teacher login and access everything they need or are there too many hoops to jump through? Time is always essential. Time for a teacher is everything. Seven hours a day goes by very quickly when trying to meet the demands of the school curriculum and the responsibilities of teaching and caring for students.

Strategize. Please keep it simple. Streamline.


Not only are teachers, teachers, but they are also customers. They know what they need and are happy to communicate those needs to you. They appreciate you too, and that’s why a vendor-educator partnership is so important.

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