An Effective On-Demand Demo Campaign

By. Teresa Marchant


Before you create an on-demand demo you need to create the demand, and target your potential influencers. This may be a bit trickier with school campus closures due to social distancing. It may feel like summer has come sooner this year.  However, summer is a great time to catch teachers before the next buying cycle.

Teachers are on their computers like never before with the increased push for remote learning skills. Teachers may not be checking their school mailboxes, but they do have an “inbox”. Some may even be constantly checking emails, ok let’s be realistic, most are constantly checking their emails. They don’t want to miss an important message from an administrator, student or parent.

With an increased awareness that schools may not be the same as in years past, you need to use this to your advantage. What can you tell them in this email to make them add your product to their wish list?  This is how you create the demand.

Now that you have targeted your influencers and created your demand, you’ve gotten their attention.

You are now ready to show off your product by educating them with an on demand demo. Offering a “try before you buy” allows real life testing of the product. This gives you a forum to showcase your product or company and sets you apart from other vendors. Another great idea is to offer a professional development class on an educational related topic. This opportunity could include the use of your product and is a great way to build a relationship with your potential customer. You aren’t just selling products, you’re creating partnerships with educators. By educating them on your products or services they can influence other decision makers as well.

Educators have been expected to do a lot more over the last few months. We are seeing changes not only in the delivery education but how they do business. Their influence is exponential. The connections they have with their administrators, parents, colleagues and other educators across the country is widening with every virtual meeting. This could very well open the door to a whole new pool of potential clients.


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