The Ultimate Email Marketing Toolkit

Data from a 2017 Agile Education Marketing survey reveals that educators value email for communicating with vendors about their products and services.

However, research also indicates that your competitors have caught on to email’s effectiveness, as educators receive many emails every single day — often reaching the double digits.

Your messages must make a statement in crowded inboxes. Not only do they need to get noticed, they also need to get opened, read and acted on. The Ultimate Email Marketing Toolkit, sponsored by Agile and PR with Panache!, is packed with 11 helpful resources you can use and reuse to build better email campaigns.

  • An interactive worksheet to guide targeting and segmentation
  • Helpful infographics about tailoring emails to educator preferences
  • An in-depth playbook about email best practices
  • Informative articles about email marketing
  • An engaging webinar about optimizing email campaigns
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