Steps to convert the most freemium leads

Convert your freemium leads now.

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Keep the learning going by converting freemium contact leads to premium customers.

Freemium to Premium

You’ve supported the shift to digital for countless teachers and students. You’ve started numerous schools and students on your product. You’ve fostered relationships by providing resources & built confidence with your solid curriculum.  Now you want to keep things going by rolling out full solutions to these schools and classrooms. A few straightforward steps can keep you connected while schools and districts figure out what’s next and how you fit in with the future. Now you may need to complete the lead contact record information in order to convert freemium accounts to premium customers.

Steps to convert freemium leads to premium customers.

Provide resources for every user of your product

The teacher, student, and parent.  Make them easy to access and send frequent reminders of how to access websites, passwords, customer service.  Get the information right from the start with a customer API at lead capture.

 Get in contact with the right people at each school

Decisions are made by committees with input from across the school.  Empower key stakeholders and champions with information to share.  Complete contact lead records with market intelligence from Agile Education Marketing.

 Build relationships & confidence in your ability to deliver.

Demonstrate how you can be a valuable partner by connecting front line teams with teachers and schools.  Add key stakeholder contact records to school accounts and match lead records to schools with hundreds of rich data points.

 Understand what the future holds. 

There are so many possibilities and options ahead for districts & schools, helping school leaders visualize what those possibilities might be and how they can shift and adapt is key.

Now, you have the relationship and experience and you are ready to convert schools to customers and  Agile Education Marketing can help.  From the foundations of completing your freemium lead contact records to converting your freemium leads to premium customers – let us support your journey to success.

Here’s how it works across your prospecting journey:

Ensure accurate contact information from the beginning and shorten the lead form fields by developing a custom data integration API. This will ensure accurate data and a match to provide valuable information that allows for upfront lead scoring, routing to the appropriate salesperson, and assignment to a specific lead nurture tree.

If you already have a set of leads to work with,  Agile can help you:

If you are interested in learning how Agile can assist you in completing contact records and converting leads to paid customers, reach out – one of our education market experts will get right back to you!


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