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Learn how Agile Education Marketing can help your business with our various products and services.

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Why and what data points are important for driving your business growth?

Agile is the only data provider that conducts two comprehensive district-level updates annually. District sizes, school personnel, higher education, libraries, and title funding to name a few. Complete, up-to-date market intelligence with hundreds of data points and an entire team researching, QA-ing, and organizing.

How updated is your current data?

Don’t let outdated bad email addresses put you in email jail or get you blacklisted by schools and districts. Email and personnel updates should be the top priority of your database managers. If you are not updating your personnel, you are most likely not reaching your intended target.


Whether Agile is working with a start-up, a company with a deep history in education, or an organization looking to tip their toe into this space, our goal is always to make it simple for the customer. Learn more about how our tools and resources can help you gain the insights needed to identify and connect with educators and contact our experts today. 

Don’t lose touch. 


At Agile, we serve as a connector. Agile helps clients with the most complete data and flexible, cost-effective programs that link them with the right decision-makers throughout the country.

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