Are you missing the canceled education market conferences?

There is really no replacement for face to face meetings, but with the current climate, it just doesn’t make sense and many industry conferences have recently been canceled due to health concerns.  So, how can you make the necessary quality connections with decision-makers and stakeholders?   

Try hosting Live Digital Events. Use this guide to help you get started.

The good news is educators spend more time online than other segments of our population.  What this means is designing your website around the search engine habits of your target audience, using direct marketing engagement tactics, and leveraging social to get in front of your best prospects.  

Do you need more information?  

A big part of conference networking is getting to have one on one conversations with people.  This allows you to gain a deep understanding of the challenges and priorities for a school or district.  So, how can you gain those insights and give relevant information about the products and services you offer?  

In addition to building level and personnel information, our clients can access EdIntel data that gives insights into programs and priorities.  When you understand the unique challenges faced by different staff and then know the priorities and challenges – like SEL Programs, SIS, LMS – you can tailor messages with only the most relevant and compelling information.  

With educators getting over 100 emails everyday – getting to the point, and making a point, counts.

Find out more about EdIntel Marketing Categories.  

What are you asking for?  

This is going to depend on the audience size.  You can expect 1% to 2% of the people you contact to respond.  If you have a big audience, a series of in-depth, live webinars would be a great way to keep the conversation relevant and accommodate more people.  If each rep can only expect a few responses, a live video chat will work well.  Your sales team can leverage direct-dial phone numbers from Agile for district personnel to schedule the live video chats or schedule online meetings.

Check out this eBook on Virtual Events

Take it a step further and send an e-gift card for coffee or have lunch delivered while you have your meeting.  

How should I get the word out?  

Educators are even more prolific online and with social channels.  Getting the word out across many channels improves your reach, and that the message will land.  Social is a great way to get in front of educators when they are spending time online and more receptive to engaging with your brand.  Targeted advertising increases the chances of connecting with the right people.  Increase your chances of connecting with the right people through targeted direct mail, telesales, social media advertising, and digital advertising.

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Think about the full experience.  

Make sure the webpage with your end call to action – webinar invitation, meeting invitation, download – is very concise.  Only include information about this activity – and minimize the number of fields asking for information. DID YOU KNOW: You can complete contact records with leased data or an API linked to the Agile database  Minimize the “noise” leads by giving access to a download without requiring a sign in and ask webinar attendees if they would like a follow-up.    




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