Data Explorer

Data Explorer: Data Anytime Anywhere


Are you looking to elevate your marketing and sales programs? Then, Agile's Data Explorer is the tool for you! With this tool, you can manage your budget and gain access to market intelligence that lets you inform market planning, campaign segmentation, and prospect targeting.

Choose between building and targeted lists to gain robust, flexible, and cost-effective access to the Agile database.

Data Explorer is the most robust, flexible, and cost-effective option to search, analyze and use education data. Whether you’re planning a campaign, preparing for a meeting, or mapping out sales calls you need to access critical information right when you need it.

Why Data Explorer?


Agile Products and Services: Data Explorer
Agile Products and Services: Data Explorer 

can generate and export prospect lists based on demographics & size opportunities for prioritization.

Inside Sales Reps

are able to search for key contacts at schools and districts and find their phone numbers and email addresses.

Field Sales Reps

on the road can quickly find directions to a school or district office, a contact name, or a phone number from their mobile devices.

Senior Management

can run queries to determine market size, sales territories, and growth opportunities.

Data Explorer Demo:

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