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You can prospect educators with Agile multi-channel campaigns, understand your ideal prospect profile, then make informed decisions and prioritize your efforts.  With exclusive integrations or with regular file transfers, our latest data can be available in your business systems.

Data Details: Exclusive to Education.  Complete Market Intelligence.

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Agile transforms your relationship with education decision-makers.  From the most comprehensive, up-to-date market intelligence data source, to hundreds of valuable data points, to the latest, integrated, funding data by district – our data gives you a complete picture.

Analyze your data to understand your ideal targets and go to market with a targeted, multi-channel campaign.

Let’s start building your data-informed strategy so you can hit your number.

See the latest data details for each of our available sets of market intelligence data.

  • District Lists
  • K-12 School Lists
  • K-12 Personnel Lists
  • Higher Education Lists
  • Email Lists
  • Home Link
  • Early Childhood Lists
  • Library Lists
  • Canadian Lists

Are you ready to learn more about how to market in the changing education industry? Reach out to Agile Education today. 

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