Corona Virus Public School Closure Report | Updated May 17, 2020

Your sales and marketing plans are shifting during this challenging time, and knowing which schools are currently closed, planning to close, or have reopened can really help with planning sales calls and marketing outreach.  Our editors have also put together a resource page to support your digital and virtual marketing tactics during this no contact time.

To help with this, we’ve added two new fields to our database that address the school status in relation to Covid-19.  The file of the institutions impacted is also available for download.  

What’s included:

  • Weekly updates to the file
  • Two unique identifiers – the Agile UID and the NCES ID
  • For K12 you will be able to see: Closed, Scheduled to Close and Reopened
  • For HE you will see: Online Only











There are several ways to obtain this information as a valued client of Agile Education Marketing:

  • File updates – We can add these fields to your file update output.
  • ConnectLink – We can add these fields to your output and provide instructions on how to access and import into your Salesforce instance.
  • Data Explorer – We can add these fields to your Construct a Targeted List function.

If you are an Agile client and are interested in adding these data fields to your file updates, ConnectLink or Data Explorer, please contact your Account Executive at 866-783-0241 and use their extension or email [email protected] at your convenience.

If you are not an Agile client, but are interested in reaching out to educators, reach out today!

Data is sourced from the Agile Education database and the EdWeek school closure page.

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