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At Agile every omni-channel partnership is customized to the client’s vision and based on an engagement model optimized to their business needs. With three flexible partnership options, you choose the approach that best fits your needs.

Introducing NotificationX: Easiest Way To Add Social Proof Boost Conversion in WordPress

(4.5 reviews)

Who Are the Brains Behind NotificationX?

A group of talented individuals here at WPDeveloper are involved with this master piece NotificationX. Our team has been working tirelessly to bring you guys the best FOMO Marketing tool in the WordPress industry. Most incredibly, WPDeveloper already has an unbelievable 300K+ active users who are absolutely delighted with our work. Through NotificationX. In case you are not aware, the team behind NotificationX has been involved with some of the most incredible products in WordPress eco-system. Let’s take a quick glance:

Best Marketing Solution with Exciting Features

NotificationX is the best FOMO based solution for WordPress platform. You can instantly add credibility to your website with it. Wondering how so? Overall, if you are looking to apply FOMO marketing technique on your site, NotificationX would just be the perfect choice for you.

Draw Everyone's Attention with Eye-Catchy Notification Bar

You will have the flexibility to tweak with the design and get it easily personalized to your desire. Stunning Notification Bars will help you to instantly attract your website visitors and make them stay on your site longer. You can create urgency among your users by adding Limited Time offers. As a result, people will more likely to buy from you and it will definitely boost your sales conversion.

Grow Engagement Rate on Your Website

Worried about lack of engagement on your Blog Posts? You don’t have to anymore thanks to the introduction of NotificationX. You can now instantly grab your visitors attention by effortlessly showing WordPress comment alert on your website. Because of its interactive nature & amazing interface.


(4.5 reviews)

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(4.5 reviews)
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