Agile’s extensive portfolio of solutions and services provides superior data, flexible solutions, and cost-effective programs so our clients achieve the growth they need on their termswith a partner who delivers. Agile is the success machine behind the scenes for organizations in the education business. 


Personnel Updates: You have valuable content for this group. Don’t waste your time by reaching out to contacts who aren’t there anymore. 

Why are personnel updates so important? You don’t want old data propagating in your system. If you aren’t adding relevant new personnel and removing old personnel, you are not reaching your correct target market, and your time, money, and efforts are being wasted. 

Email Changes: Don’t waste your efforts and risk your domain reputation by sending to dead inboxes that bounce. Email changes don’t mean personnel changes. 

Why are email changes so important? You don’t want critical factors like your domain reputation and authority to be affected because these factors control both your deliverability and engagement rate.

Institution Changes: Don’t miss updating your school and district profiles. Higher Education, K12, and ECCs included in Universal Changes. 

Why Update Your School and District Profiles? We don’t want you to waste money where it shouldn’t be wasted. But more importantly, we don’t want your reps to miss out on the knowledge they should have readily available. 

Address and Contact Number Changes: Don’t waste  resources reaching out to the wrong physical address or contact number. 

Agile Education is the top marketing intelligence provider focused solely on the education market. Our leading industry reach, market efficiency, and multi-channel optimization drive your business goals. With more changes than ever in the education field, theres a lot to keep up with. Our 12-Month Update will help you stay up to date with accurate data that you can trust. 

At Agile, we are connectors. We provide clients with the most complete data and flexible, cost-effective programs that link them with the right decision-makers throughout the country. 


Whether working with a start-up, a company with a deep history in education, or an organization looking to tip their toe into this space, our goal is always to make it simple for our customers. Learn more about how our tools and resources can help you gain the insights needed to identify and connect with educators and contact our experts today. 

At Agile, we help companies connect with educators. Learn more about how ourtools and resources can help you gain the insights needed to identify and connect with educators. Get in touch with our expertstoday! 

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