An Educator’s Summer

  While students are away from school this summer, many educators will become students. They will participate in various learning opportunities offered through their district or other educational institutions over the next few months. This time will allow them to become familiar with their curriculum and tools and build community ….

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New Curriculum: Supporting Innovation in Schools and Districts 

The summer allows educators to recharge, reflect, and innovate their practices with students and colleagues. I find this annually recurring phase of the profession to be an essential aspect of the field. Moreover, the summer is also an ideal time to design and prepare to implement new curriculum features. This ….

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January through June 2022 Update

Download Our January through June 2022 Update: Discover all the changes happening in the education Market. Update your data. Update your strategy with the January through June 2022 Update! Agile’s data is at the core of everything we do, and provide. We expect our data to be the leader in ….

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