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Learning Loss: How widespread is it and its effect?

Learning Loss

Learning loss is not a new phenomenon or phrase, but you’ve probably heard it more than ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. As students spend more time experiencing non-traditional learning environments, the potential for a gap in their learning increases. But how pervasive is this issue, and how will it impact the future […]

The Rejuvenation of After School Programs

After school program

Why were afterschool programs struggling? One of the main reasons that afterschool programs screeched to a halt in 2020 and 2021 was the lack of funding. Especially for low-income school districts, much of the public school funding went to supporting remote learning programs, leaving less money for tutoring. In order to have afterschool programs during […]

Challenges and Recovery: Loss and Opportunities

For over a year, the feeling of loss has run rampant across the educational landscape. The shifts in learning environments, hiring shortages, and unexpected staff exits from the profession ultimately impact the ways teachers teach and students learn. Compounded with irregularities in time and schedules, one can conclude that the future of education can no […]

Crossing the Bridge from Learning Loss to Learning Gains & The Future

Learning Loss

Many schools, in many places, are still struggling with the question: how do we catch up? There’s not an easy answer to this; we know that. However, if we’re going to make sure students find success, it’s essential to take a closer look at both learning loss and learning gains.  Like many other regions, the […]

How Schools are Building Tutoring Programs

Administrators have been working to find solutions to bring their learners up to speed, one of which is beefing up tutoring programs in the school. But how is it being done, and is it an effective method? Let’s explore more!  Putting coronavirus relief money to work  During the pandemic, the Biden administration launched the American […]

Learning Loss and Recovery

Learning Loss and Recovery

Challenges from getting along with others on the playground to holding a pencil are everyday occurrences that teachers are facing. Keeping students engaged has been a constant struggle these past few years. School districts need to be creative when it comes to addressing the learning loss of their students. Schedule Having a flexible schedule has […]

Congratulations to these 2021 Recognized Companies!

  Tech & Learning, a leading edtech publication, recently released its Awards of Excellence: Best of 2021 highlighting standout products that support teaching and learning in our schools. The Tech & Learning judges were impressed with the creativity presented by our Best of 2021 nominees, many of whom found new and innovative ways to use technology […]

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

Elementary School Resources such as read-aloud, videos, and online activities that encourage students to learn the importance of being a good digital citizen are essential. For example, I have used programs like Google’s internet safety curriculum, Interland. However, I have found it lacks the ethical use component. This required me to supplement with another program. […]

Problem Solving Technology for K-12 Schools

Problem Solving Technology

Problem Solving Technology for K-12 Schools Education + Technology = The Future. We’ve seen this equation come to life and evolve over the last two years, as virtual learning has become necessary for teachers and students everywhere. Technology cannot only bring learning and text to life for students, but it also can solve some of […]

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