Hybrid Classroom Discipline and Management

For many administrators, teachers, students, and parents, online learning was (and continues to be) a saving grace throughout the pandemic. It allows children to stay on track in their academic journeys and provides an alternative option for instructors to continue doing their job if in-person learning becomes out of reach.  While online learning has had […]

Education Market Veteran Brings Expertise and Know-How to Businesses Seeking New Revenue Streams in Reliable Segments

Why invest in education? It’s reliable, valuable, and easy to identify. August 27, 2020 | Ft. Meyers, FL  Selling to schools, and teachers, is an afterthought to many in business – organizing their departments as “government & education” or “special markets”.  Toni Elsberry, Strategic Account Director, Agile Education Marketing, is looking to change this.  Ms. […]

Data Compilation and Account Management at Agile


At Agile Education Marketing, we understand how rich and meaningful data is from many different aspects. Our data represents actual educators and schools and relationships with State DOEs to form campaign strategies and improve performance for our clients through quality assurance. Why do clients choose Agile? While gaining data is the main reason prospective clients […]

Using data-informed strategies to help clients reach success

Data-informed strategies are the key to success. At Agile, we are confident in our ability to help clients meet success by harnessing and leveraging data. Using our data to align your resources and solve district and school situations, we assist with breaking through the clutter and getting the root of the information that will benefit […]

Helping Educators Keep Up with the Dynamic Classroom

Teaching today looks much different than it did just a few years ago. Teachers, students, and parents alike may be accustomed to the idea of remote learning. Still, there’s an indefinite back and forth between in-person and online education based on the rollercoaster of the pandemic and an increase in COVID-19 cases. Educators and administrative staff […]

Data Differences: Making data more accessible

  At Agile, we understand that data is essential to all clients, but needs vary across the board. That’s why we deliver customized solutions to drive your business, create more robust, targeted marketing campaigns, and power your sales team with actionable information.  But what other factors set us apart from the competition?  Richness of data […]

Teacher Professional Development: What Skills are Priorities Now?

Teresa Marchant Professional development opportunities: Teacher Professional development opportunities have drastically changed due to Covid and additional advancements in technology. These unforeseen changes have been challenging, not just for us as educators but for students as well. Frequent instructional interruptions due to illness, quarantines, and school schedules will impact future learning. In addition, they may […]

Classroom Management – It Is All About Relationships

Craig Perrier Whenever classroom management is discussed, I am reminded of two nuggets of wisdom passed on to me by mentors I have had over the years. The first is that (despite what some programs may promise) there is no Gray’s Anatomy for education. If a student acts out in class, I can’t definitively address […]

Student Discipline in the Virtual Classroom

Meredith Biesinger Classroom management and student discipline can be one of the most complex parts of teaching. Throw in a pandemic and virtual learning, and it seems nearly impossible! Classroom management has always been a top professional need for teachers, and now it is more than ever. Over the last eighteen months, we’ve seen a […]

Free Guide: Email Marketing Best Practices

Everything you need to know to be an email marketing pro! Email has been a staple of the education marketer’s toolbox for a long time now. While it may not be the newest and shiniest marketing tactic, it’s one that can consistently deliver good quality leads and high ROI.

Webinar: Deep Dive into Agile with Verlan Stephens

Verlan Stephens leads a deep dive into Agile and what qualities help Agile better serve the market to get them in touch with the right expert. Verlan is a results-oriented executive with more than 35 years of experience in creating, developing, and managing customer solutions throughout the entire product lifecycle. Verlan’s job is to understand […]

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