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Looking Forward

Teresa Marchant My phone vibrated on the coffee table… The caller ID displayed “Superintendent”.  The Governor had just held a press conference announcing the closure of schools in Montana. I grabbed my phone and took a deep breath… In some ways, this past year has been a blur, in other ways it has felt like […]

Planning for Next Year? We Are Too! | Post-Covid Classroom Concerns

Meredith Biesinger I don’t think anyone has ever said, “Come to Mississippi, we have everything!” Of the many positive things, I believe Mississippi has, strong internet access is not one of them. Being a Dyslexia Therapist and Director of Professional Development in a rural area in northern Mississippi, I am just ten miles from the […]

Education and Change: Are You Ready?

Craig Perrier As the history and social sciences curriculum specialist for a large school district, it is probably no surprise that I often apply knowledge of the past to inform my understanding of the present. One practice I adopted during the pandemic was to try to internalize the philosophy of Greek Stoics.  Their wisdom has […]

Pinterest in the Classroom: A Valuable Tool For Educators

Pinterest, used by many as a mood board or organizational platform for personal interests, has been popular since its inception and has continued to gain traction over the years. In fact, according to the Business of Apps, there are currently 367 million active users of Pinterest. That figure is up from 335 million users in […]

Tik Tok Use in Education

Anyone who uses social media has at least heard of Tik Tok, the social networking service that takes video sharing to the next level. From short-form dances to comedy sketches and magic tricks, there’s something for everyone on the well-known app. But just how popular is it? In 2019, TikTok was downloaded 738 million times, […]

Virtual Learning is Here to Stay…Make Sure You Are Too

By Craig Perrier The 20-21 school year has been like no other. Of all the disruptors that have impacted teaching and learning, at least one of them is here to stay – the shift to virtual learning.  With each semester this shift impacts schools’ practices, systems, and purchasing so that leadership can better support their […]

The Impact of Social Media in Education

Social media has transformed our lives in ways we could’ve never imagined just a few decades ago. Now, nearly 70% of Americans use social media in some form to stay connected with loved ones, share information, entertain themselves and stay informed with the news, according to the Pew Research Center. But social media isn’t just […]

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