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Supporting Teachers With Digital Learning Tools

The digital learning education landscape is currently in a state of uncertainty. The spread of COVID-19 and the potentially serious health issues that stem from it mean many districts are still formulating plans for how students will return to school. Digital learning as a strategy for providing instruction while minimizing ….

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2020 Teaching Spending Survey: The Results Are In!

Guest Contributor:  Meredith Biesinger The results from April/May 2020’s IESD analysis, on behalf of Agile Education Marketing are in! Unanimously we can all agree that teachers are important, but did you know that most teachers consider their profession as part of their individual identity? The data shows that most teachers ….

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Online Learning

The State of Play: Education as the 2020-2021 School Year Approaches

The world of education faced a major disruption at the beginning of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to close across the country, sending students home and forcing educators and administrators to attempt to quickly adapt curricula to exclusively online learning. The current states of primary, secondary and higher education is still in flux. ….

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Strategies for Re-opening and How Edtech Companies Can Help

For the next school year, educational institutions across the country are developing plans that try to address the threat of COVID-19 while also providing an effective learning pathway for students. There are a variety of different strategies being considered by educators and administrators, including fully remote learning, the traditional approach and hybrid ….

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