Schools and districts are making spending decisions

Are schools still spending?

In the current climate, it can be difficult to determine the best way forward. Schools are closed, but the learning continues. You might be wondering if schools are still spending and, if so, what they are buying? Derek Dallmann, Vice President of Sales at Agile Education Marketing has done some ….

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The Covid-19 Education Crisis…What Have We Learned From This?

By: Meredith Biesinger Covid-19 overwhelmed the world quickly, and the American education system was certainly not exempt from the pandemic that we are still battling today. In Mississippi, several public schools are in rural areas, meaning several students have limited internet access due to geographic location or, family finances. Schools ….

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Mindset: Learning and Teaching During COVID-19 Closures

By Craig Perrier   Talking with colleagues and educators in other states about their plans for teaching and learning during COVID-19 closures has resulted in some common sentiments.  Among the most frequent comments are these, “this came on so quickly”, “the situation is fluid”, “will students be graded”, and “when ….

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