Teacher checking email

Email Marketing; A Teacher’s Tale

It is clear there is power of email. Email is a common form of communication and has been for two decades now. Email is utilized by friends, family, colleagues, co-workers, businesses, and plays a large role in marketing. How is this relevant to teachers?   Well, on average, a teacher ….

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The Real Story Behind Back To School

Back To School: As told by classroom teachers. Teachers have a meaningful impact on students and families – and engaging with this group of professionals is just good business. So, what does back to school really mean? And, what do teachers really need to make this time of year successful? ….

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Don’t Cool Off For Summer

Listen to VP of Sales, Derek Dallmann and Managing Partner/CIO, Verlan Stephens as they cover key marketing elements and strategies to make the summer months heat up your 2019 strategy and get you ready for back-to-school. We’ll cover: – Website updates to make sure you’re back-to-school ready – Building a ….

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teacher spending survey results

Teachers are spending out of pocket our survey says

In our most recent teacher spending survey Agile’s goal was beyond providing the best and most accurate data in the education industry, it is to provide you with the knowledge and resources to market and sell your product in the smartest most efficient way possible. Educators are one of the ….

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Social Emotional Learning

Social and emotional learning and the importance in education marketing

It’s important to recognize what social and emotional learning (SEL) is and how your company can successfully market content and materials to schools. For education marketers, effective outreach can be based on a number of factors and target a wide range of professionals, as well as individual institutions, districts and ….

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