The Essentials of Marketing Automation

When it was first introduced, marketing automation software was designed to send emails. Now it is infinitely more robust and offers a range of marketing automation tools including those for social marketing, data management, and predictive analytics. According to Hubspot, a marketing automation platform makes it easier for companies to schedule their emails, segment their […]

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How to Re-engage Inactive Email Subscribers

There is an old maxim in marketing: It’s less expensive to generate business from existing customers than it is to land new ones. This has certainly proven itself in education subscription businesses such as magazines and software licensing, where renewals are far more profitable than new subscribers. And if you know your acquisition cost per […]

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6 Basic Email Analytics to Start Tracking Today

All signs point to the incredible value of email marketing for everything from building brand awareness to improving lead generation to driving sales. Educators in particular rely on promotional emails to learn about the numerous teaching solutions available to them, including supplemental materials, classroom supplies and professional development materials. In fact, 66 percent of respondents […]

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Keep it Clean! The Importance of Data Hygiene to Sales and Marketing Efforts

Data is an education company’s most important asset. Accurate data allows company leaders to make good decisions about business initiatives. Creating marketing and sales programs that efficiently generate qualified leads depends on clean, accurate data. Maintaining data hygiene in databases means that each area of the company is working with the same data for an […]

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6 Lessons for Improving Email Response and ROI

Agile’s February 2017 survey reveals that most educators receive fewer than 20 emails about education products and services daily. This is good news for education marketers, suggesting that the inbox continues to be a great place to connect with administrators and teachers.Learn more about how educators are interacting with one of our favorite marketing channels, […]

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