Q/A with Mike LeClare: Agile Data Enhancement with Learning Recovery

Data Enhancement

Q/A  with Mike LeClare: Data Enhancement and Learning Recovery in the ESSA Era

Recorded Live on October 27, 2021

In this webinar, Mike will show you, via ESSA data collected over the years, which districts and schools’ COVID funding can be used to address measurable learning loss. Additionally, Mike takes you for a deep dive into enhancing ESSA data, COVID Funding, Relief for Learning Loss, and how schools and districts’ COVID funding can be used to address measurable subject proficiency and learning loss.   

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Mike covered questions like:​

    • What do you expect coverage, for proficiency/trending data, to be for this year?
    • One more time, can you remind me (so many acronyms) … ESEA vs ESSA vs ESSER?
    • Can you provide multiple years’ worth of ESSA data?
    • And More!​

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