The days of indiscriminate email blasts are long gone. Part of this shift is due to the changing role of marketing itself from a broadcast or interruption process to an attraction process. More than ever before, educators are in the driver’s seat of any relationship that develops between them and your organization. They will research your company and your competitors. They will speak to other educators to assess your value. Often these conversations occur through social media platforms, and will happen with or without you.

The first rule of email marketing is, “It’s not about you.” Even though you have metrics to meet, any email campaign that puts your company first will get derailed before it gets to your customer’s inbox. Whether you’re building one email or a campaign, you must focus on the needs of your audience.

From time to time Agile sits down with educators to find out how purchasing decisions are made in their schools and districts. This conversation took place with the Superintendent of Schools in a rural system in Virginia.

Leveraging digital communication to build your business requires a new kind of marketing. Identifying a need that your product or service can fill and then selling that product or service remains the ultimate goal of marketing. However, the content and process of marketing in the digital age has changed significantly.

More than 98% of the traffic to your site is coming via search engines, which makes search one of the most important ways to connect with customers and prospects. Many studies have confirmed that the higher the rank on the search results, the more traffic you will experience. So, high rankings are critical to visibility. Over the years search engine optimization (SEO) has changed and evolved as the search engines refine their algorithms and weighting formulas to serve up the most relevant results to users.

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