case study

Agile enhances outreach efforts

The first webinar our client held after switching to Agile had a huge turnout, something they credit to Agile’s careful, consistent and constant approach to updating educator and administrator contact data. With nothing more than a new source of contact details for education professionals, our client brought its offering to ….

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district listening

Social issues on social media: When to take a stand

Companies and brands have grown more involved in social issues in recent times, spurred on by rising public support for a variety of causes and concerns. The growth of social media, with its ability to create more personal connections between businesses and customers than was possible with mass media, has ….

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data driven decisions

How to enhance ease of use and engagement in your online resource

Educators need to be set up for success in a virtual world, both to provide the best possible education to students and to reach their own professional goals. The threat of the COVID-19 pandemic has shined a light on how difficult it can be for education professionals to connect with ….

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What to expect in marketing in 2021

Staying on top of marketing trends means aligning workflows and practices with the wants and needs of your customers. While education professionals are a unique market and edtech companies offer highly specialized products and services, certain trends will impact this field just as much as the broader economy. Keep these ….

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