Support for customer-facing teams in an ever-changing school landscape

Your company’s marketers and sales staff are absolutely critical parts of your overall operations. These customer-facing teams build effective and engaging marketing materials, make contact with key stakeholders through a variety of means and close the deals that provide the revenue needed to fuel your operations. Supporting these teams is ….

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Finding Your Virtual Niche

By: Meredith Biesinger There is no such thing as a “one size, fits all” virtual learning resource. What students and teachers need is so varied, that it’s impossible for a single company to produce a product that suits everyone, all the time. However, it is very possible to produce and ….

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Virtual Learning

Good, Bad, Ugly of Virtual Learning

By: Michael Niehoff Saying that virtual learning, or the entire impact of the pandemic on schools, has been overwhelming would be an understatement. That being said, there have been lots of positives, especially this fall after lots of real time learning last spring. These include, but are not limited to ….

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opportunities data

Making the most of your sales opportunities by leveraging data

The academic year is already underway and schools and districts have many more issues to contend with than is normal. Stakeholders aren’t uniformly against making new purchases, especially when it comes to edtech that can help address core concerns or connect students with new opportunities for academic development. However, they often ….

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