Social Media For Education

Incorporating social media for your education marketing strategy is no longer between want and need – it’s a need. In any vertical of business including social media marketing to your plan is making its spot known, especially in the world of education technology. We know first-hand.

Working with clients and prospects daily, we understand that there is comfort-ability with only using email and direct mail to get your message out to your target market of educators. However, through the years, we have concluded that EDUCATORS ARE ON SOCIAL. They use it for professional and personnel purposes and access it more often than email which is why companies are becoming more open to adding this medium to their marketing and sales plans.

Checking Social Media

We asked our VP of Sales Derek Dallmann, why this change to social is finally making an appearance and here’s what he said to say around our four most common questions:


Clients and prospects are finally starting to understand the omnichannel campaign with the focus of reaching your target market where they are spending time. We’ve also seen that target markets are consuming less information via email, but are continuing to engage with brands through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.


The amount of email communication educators receive every day is high and the inbox is competitive. Making it more complicated to get the attention of your ideal buyer. Seeing a piece of content once will likely not drive action. However, seeing consistent content improves brand awareness and allows you to be top of mind when the time is right for them to engage with your content.


Compared to 1, 3, 5 years ago, email doesn’t provide the same returns as it used to. Don’t get us wrong – email is still an important medium, but companies are realizing that they need to expand their reach and generate more leads and social is providing just that.


Just because you post on your company social channel, does not mean you are reaching all the educators you could be. Truth is, you are only reaching your biggest fans, which likely can be your own employees engaging with your content the most. Tried social once and you didn’t see the conversions or value? You probably weren’t using as much of a targeted method you can by partnering with Agile.


Are you ready to engage educators through social media? Get started today!