How to Sell Your Product to Schools

Selling directly to schools is a common approach for businesses in the edtech industry.

This approach offers a happy medium for outreach to the education industry, between specific teachers and administrators and entire districts. Marketing services and products to school decision-makers at K-12 institutions can help your company reach a broader audience than it would by connecting with individual teachers. It also cuts down on the long-term timelines often seen when working with district leadership.

How can you make your approach for selling to schools as effective as possible? Consider this practical guidance to help your company sharpen its strategy for selling to schools.

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Outreach to individual schools can help target the audience for your edtech offering.

Should your edtech company sell to teachers, schools or districts?

Many edtech companies can find a comfortable and productive position in terms of where they target their sales efforts. Others may choose to work with teachers, schools and districts. If your product focuses on an individual grade level or a range of them, selling to schools may be the best approach. Instead of convincing district-level, K-12 administrators of the value of reading software targeted to students in grades 6-8, your company can reach out to principals and other leaders directly responsible for the education of students in that age group.

What’s the best avenue for selling apps and edtech to schools?

The most effective sales strategy for connecting with schools and their leaders follows a relatively basic structure:

  • Start reaching out via e-mail: EdSurge recommended starting with email as the first step in the contact process. Cold calling in person or through phone calls can be a distraction to busy professionals and create a negative first impression. Using email as the foundation of a marketing plan – and ensuring contact information for your target audience is accurate – allows your organization to share a concise description of your offering and its advantages, as well as provide links that lead to more details. Your potential customers can then peruse this information when they have the time to do so. From there, you can set up a phone call and follow that up with a more immersive presentation.
  • Get on the approved vendor list: The Tech Edvocate highlighted the importance of placement on the approved vendor list. Your company will likely need to reach out to the purchasing department or similar decision-maker to ensure compliance with laws, policies and similar concerns.

Highlighting relevant research: You stand a better chance of convincing school leadership that your offering can help their students when you have data to back up your marketing material. Prioritize this element by gathering information from past sales or financing independent research before starting your outreach.

What’s the best way for a startup to sell educational apps to school boards via teachers?

Including teachers and school leaders in a marketing campaign can help your edtech product gain a valuable foothold while maintaining the ultimate goal of presenting a sales pitch on the institutional level. Consider offering pilot programs to teachers – which can also be a source of data about your product’s effectiveness – or sharing information with them, when appropriate, during the sales process. As your company comes closer to a sale, it may want to take advantage of tools for improved territory and route planning to make more personal connections among both administrators and teachers.

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