Education market knowledge that drills down into the district

EdIntel from Agile Education Marketing is the first service that delivers deep market insight into what’s actually in use in public districts across the country.

No other source gives you more actionable information about the districts you’re selling to. It’s not what percentage of districts use an LMS, or even that an individual district is using an LMS, but the type of LMS that is being used. 

EdIntel offers 11 different information categories that contain which districts have implemented specific programs or initiatives.

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  1. Assessment 
  2. Communications Systems
  3. Device 
  4. Instructional Methodology 
  5. Interactive Technologies
  6. Learning Solutions
  7. LMS
  8. SIS
  9. Teaching Tools 
  10. Technology Platforms 
  11. Website

With an EdIntel subscription, you’ll receive monthly updates to the categories you select so that you always have the most current information for your sales calls and marketing campaigns.

An EdIntel subscription includes the mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for the contacts/job titles you choose.

With EdIntel, your team can approach each sale well educated about the district’s initiatives. EdIntel is also a great resource to determine market share and opportunity, generate lead scores, prioritize your sales strategy, and develop sales territories.

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