Free Guide: Email Marketing Best Practices

Everything you need to know to be an email marketing pro!

Email has been a staple of the education marketer’s toolbox for a long time now. While it may not be the newest and shiniest marketing tactic, it’s one that can consistently deliver good quality leads and high ROI.

What works and what doesn’t has evolved since early days of batch and blast email campaigns. Take a look at Agile’s guide to Email Marketing Best Practices for the latest strategies and tactical tips for crafting email campaigns that are top lead generators for your organization. This guide covers:

  • Tips for avoiding SPAM filters
  • Strategies for getting your messages opened and read
  • Best practices for calls-to-action
  • Segmentation and personalization tactics
  • Coding tips
  • Mobile email best practices
  • And much more!

email best practice

This is must-read resource for any education marketer! Download your copy of the Email Marketing Best Practices Guide.