2019 Early Childhood Education Supply Purchasing Survey Results

In February, Agile Education Marketing conducted a research survey to find information about 2019 Early Childhood Education purchasing habits to understand what drives (ECE) supply purchasing. In total, we surveyed over 770 licensed center directors and in-home providers across the US about how supplies are purchased for their center or home daycare settings in hopes to help education companies understand the potential this often lost market has.

In the 2019 Early Childhood Education Survey we asked:

Where do you shop?  What are they buying?  How many hours spent shopping?

Discover all the findings in our infographic that details spending by supply category, types of retailers visited, and how much time early childhood centers directors dedicate to supplies shopping each week. 

Some of our key findings were that 60% these educators are still purchasing from brick and mortar stores compared to only 24% still purchasing online. With the shift in online purchasing across all major verticals, we found this to be a key takeaway, as well as a huge opportunity for online ECE vendors.

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2019 early childhood education
2019 Early Childhood Supply Purchasing Habits Survey. Insights to improve your strategies for selling to early childhood centers.

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