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Efficient cost strategies
CRM Targeting- Increase lead conversion and rep productivity
Prospect new accounts
Run look-alike analysis, get accurate contact information, manage field visits with route planning and targeting
Improve metrics
Analyze performance by segment & role against message & channel to optimize programs
Upsell existing accounts
Build a relationship, understand the business, strategically recommend solutions and services

What Sets Agile Apart

Our Data informed prioritization of prospects and leads that improves campaign performance up to 30%.

Twice annual data sweeps add, remove, and track changes

1 Million phone calls to confirm data accuracy

Strategic account management to optimize campaigns and data

Proprietary Indices for effective groupings and targeting

Data for Every Business.

We manage data and develop a strategy that converts to business growth.



Technology bandwidth and infrastructure.

eRate data from Agile completes the data picture for schools. Now you can target the specific districts that have the network infrastructure, available devices, or available technology funds.

Usage eRate Data

  • Occurance & Type of Connectivity
  • Type & Ratio of devices & equipment
  • Identify Districts with unspent funds

Technology Stats

  • 80% of districts have requested fiber internet connectivity
  • 69% increase in requests for fiber internet service 2015 to 2018



Products, Programs, and Initiatives.  Unparalleled market insight into school district initiatives across the country.

This tool gives sales and marketing teams a powerful indication of the products and methodologies a district has implemented or is interested in for the future.

EdIntel Categories

  • Assessment
  • Communication Systems
  • Device
  • Instructional Methodologies
  • Interactive Technologies
  • Learning Solutions
  • LMS
  • SIS
  • School Lunch and Payment
  • Social Emotional Learning and School Climate
  • Teaching Tools
  • Technology Platforms
  • Website

School Performance Data


Accessible, detailed school performance information, pulled from multiple sources and then formatted to apply to the Agile institutional database.


  1. School Performance Data includes State-specific, ESSA-reported school  ratings ,
  2. ELA, Math and Science proficiency scores for nearly all states; Social Studies and Writing proficiency scores where available 3rd – 8th grade, high school and school cumulative
  3. High school-specific metrics, including  average ACT and SAT scores and  graduation rates*

*Where provided by the state.




Public school districts 13,633
Charter districts 4,265
Catholic dioceses 179
Other local education agency 1,681
District personnel 308,752


Public schools 89,698
Public school personnel 3,419,010
Public elementary schools 50,768
Public elementary personnel 1,699,545
Public middle/jr high schools 14,501
Public middle/jr high personnel 672,540
Public sr high schools 18,146
Public sr high personnel 1,018,531
Public k12 schools 2,988
Public k12 personnel 67,827
Private and catholic schools 30,028
Private and catholic school personnel Votech 465,592
Votech 1,469
Alternative 4,957
Special ed 3,010
Magnet 3,010
Adult ed 9,470
Charter 7,478
Charter school personnel 161,124


Library Personnel

Library Personnel 23,147 18


HEAdministrative 42,983 41
HEAcademic Affairs 15,442 11
HE Student Affairs 34,004 24
HE Admissions 24,207 10
HE Business Administration 22,187 12
HE Public Relations 28,328 13
HE Technology 10,558 9
HE Education Services 12,349 16
HE Librarians 17,208 12
HE Faculty 1,520,694 269
HE Athletics 108,752 131


Administration 258,035 25
Counseling 102,928 2
Non-Teaching – from Attendance Officer to Cheerleading
600,009 60
Elementary 1,373,755 38
Secondary 358,057 12
English/Lang Arts 278,002 17
Fine Arts 159,097 20
Foreign Language 90,176 15
Mathematics 240,095 13
Multidisciplinary 50,465 12
Phys Ed/Health 144,779 3
Practical Arts – From Robotics, to biotechnology, to accounting 75,304 27
Science 215,931 18
Social Studies 216,942 29
Special Needs 420,982 26
Vocational-Tech 71,176 30
At-Risk 25,652 12
District Senior Administration 50,521 27
District Administrative Personnel 92,156 37
District Technology and Media 31,216 11
District Special Needs 30,318 14
District Curriculum 54,038 54
District Funding 12,566 8
District Guidance and Testing 17,525 9
District Student Support 21,919 21
District Student Activities 9,810 5


Agile is the only marketing intelligence provider focused solely on the education market. Our reach coupled with top-notch marketers and backed with targeted intelligence and multi-channel optimization drives innovative client programs that reach business goals.  Our data includes personnel, institutions, and demographic intelligence for the early childhood market, public, private, charter, and parochial K-12 schools and higher education colleges and universities.  In addition, Agile can provide useful, proprietary indices like education climate index, virtual readiness scores, and indexed funding.

Our Data-informed prioritization of prospects and leads that improves campaign performance by up to 30%.
Twice annual data sweeps add, remove, and track changes

  • 1 Million phone calls to confirm data accuracy
  • Strategic account management to optimize campaigns and data
  • Proprietary Indices for effective groupings and targeting

NEW | Higher Education Course Level Data

Course level data, with coverage of top universities and nearly 60% of college students, gives you unprecedented detail into which courses are being taught and by whom. 

NEW | Address Schema Ensure sample delivery with addresses down to the department level.