Data Services

At the intersection of market intelligence and business, our clients accelerate their reach in to schools and districts through innovative programs built on database intelligence, data services, targeted outreach, and multi-channel optimization.

Agile’s full-time job is keeping our database current & making meaning out of all available data.

With more than 6 million educators in the U.S. there is a lot of data to deal with in this market –  with changes in institutions, personnel, funding, school performance, and so much more, we know you’ve got a lot of other things to manage.

You can count on Agile to not only provide you with the freshest data but also help you keep your own in-house data up-to-date with a variety of data hygiene and enhancement services.

Data Services 


  • Data  Hygiene
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Enhancement

Marketing today is driven by data. The more effectively you use your data the better your response will be. Agile provides a number of data and analytic services that will maximize the value of your in-house customer and sales data while leveraging the power of the Agile Database. Analyze, append, and enhance your in-house data with our comprehensive, accurate early childhood, k-12, and higher education data.

Data Hygiene: 
  • Update aged house list data – If you have data going back 3-5 years (or more), we can determine if they are still there and update their info. This will provide a high ROI since these people/institutions have been interested in the past and will have a higher likelihood of responding.
  • Append – We can flag the personnel who are no longer there to delete from their systems which saves space limitations in CRM and MA and decrease the “noise” in the contact records.
  • Enhancement we can enhance their data by adding fields like job title, email address, institution demographics, personal demographics (i.e. age, HHI, etc)



Your customers provide a wealth of information about which demographics are likely to generate the most leads and sales. But analyzing your customer data can be difficult, time consuming and costly. Until now. With Agile’s e-profile system you can quickly and easily generate reports, charts and graphs to analyze your customer base by key education market demographics.

All you have to do is provide Agile with your customer file. We match your file to our education universe and then load the data into the e-profile system. Once your data is loaded you’re in control of what data you’d like to analyze and what reports you’d like to run. It all happens nearly instantaneously with a few clicks of your mouse.


  • How your customer universe compares to the overall education universe
  • What the common characteristics of the schools and districts are that purchase from you
  • How revenue is represented by various demographics
  • What the demographic makeup is of responders to specific marketing campaigns

 You can even run comparison profiles using two different data sets. e-profile is available in a variety of subscription options, ranging from a single profile to unlimited use.

With the insight you gain from your e-profile reports you’ll not only have a deeper understanding of your customers but will be able to tailor your future marketing efforts to maximize response. 

Contact your Agile Account Executive to request a 30-minute demo. And take a look at the e-profile information sheet.



Deeper results – guides future planning

Take your email campaign analytics up a notch. eNalysis is a web-based reporting and analytics program that provides high level view of your email campaign results, plus the ability to drill-down to specific demographic details.

  • Determine how variables have impacted performance
  • Makes optimization easier
  • All in one dashboard