The Value of Stability

Meredith Biesinger By now, a large number of educators have returned to their classrooms. But have we returned to normal? Not really. The toll on students’ and educators’ mental health and social-emotional needs continues to grow. Burnout and coronavirus anxiety are still surging after a high-stress year of virtual learning. ….

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School Climate – Improving the School Experience for All Students

When the American learning environment looks different than any of us expected, what can educators and staff do to improve the school climate? The overall school experience has a massive impact on long-term academic success and achievement, so the educational climate is a topic worth considering. What are the barriers ….

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Supporting Student Well-Being

One of my roles in my district is to serve as a sponsor and facilitator for a student advisory committee to the superintendent. Each high school selects a delegation to represent the voice of their school’s student body on topics of interest identified by district leadership. Students do their best ….

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Mental Health Wins for Schools

Mental health has always been a serious topic in the education system, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only increased its importance. This is not only true for students but for the educators whose task it is to teach them. Improving the mental health status of the people in a school ….

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Students, Staff, and Swiss Cheese?

Teresa Tate My district’s problems could be compared to a slice of swiss cheese. There are many problems, and some problems may appear to be the larger holes while other problems appear much smaller. Concerns include behavior, absenteeism, gaps in learning, lack of substitutes, teacher recruitment, distrust, and overall educator ….

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SEL Programs – PBIS, etc.

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a broad term that supports the idea that learning environments should be safe and supportive. The idea is that if schools provide these favorable conditions, they can also foster increased academic achievement and social engagement. Similarly, Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) works to ….

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