Free Guide: K-12 Education Buying Cycle

K-12 education is an exciting market. But depending on the product you’re selling the purchasing cycle can be bewildering and often frustrating. Paving the way for a smooth sales process starts with tailoring your marketing communications to provide what educators need at each stage of the decision-making process. Agile’s free ….

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Data Differences

In the past edtech industry, data means everything. Creating innovative programs that will work for schools and districts that need a customized approach can allow them to achieve a level of growth that sets them aside from the competition.  In the past, many of our customers have struggled with rep ….

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Preparing for Fall

Teresa Marchant Yes, it’s summer, but I’m already thinking about next school year. Last year was crazy, but I am hopeful next year will be somewhat expected. Stakeholders can help educators be ready for back to school by lessening our loads. Resources that include the following will ensure seamless and ….

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Making Summer Connections

Craig Perrier The summer is often a time for rejuvenation and relaxation for teachers. A meaningful way to think of these months is as a shift in setting, from the classroom to whatever we do in the summer. But our respite is hardly work-free. These weeks away from students is ….

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Classrooms, Curriculum, and JOY!

Meredith Biesinger When asked, “What type of curriculum do you want to add to your classroom this fall?” Of course, I could rattle off a list of items and resources that would be beneficial. Still, my initial response is, “I want to incorporate joy.” Before I add any additional resources, ….

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{Webinar} Website Design

Are you getting the most out of your website? Is it bringing in the leads, hits, and traffic to get your brand noticed in this world? Join ISTE Award-Winning Educator Jeff Bradbury, founder of the TeacherCast Educational Network for an engaging conversation about the most important piece of digital property ….

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